Habitación: Temblar los centros

20.03.2022, Centro Huarte, Navarre

Speaker(s): Amalia Ruiz-Larrea Fernández / Eva Garrido del Saz

Duration: 2:00

Video summary of the artistic residence Habitación: Temblar los centros developed in the Huarte Center by Amalia Ruiz-Larrea Fernández, Eva Garrido del Saz and Selva.

A body trembles, and it moves us. Maybe if we learn not to stop it, but to lean against it discovering a new movement, then all bodies could tremble together. There won´t be anymore one way of doing so. We want to find ways of supporting each other through practice, through trying, through imitating, with each other, inviting others, embracing others, moving from our inner self, reaching the furthest we can, and back again. We want to live with the tremble, we want to be strong while trembling together.