Habitación: Compost-ables

08.11.2021, Centro Huarte, Navarre

Speaker(s): META-Colectivo | Adriana Tamargo - Guillermo Escribano

Duration: 00:04:50

Video summary of the artistic residence Habitación: Compost-ables developed in the Huarte Center by META-Colectivo (Adriana Tamargo - Guillermo Escribano)

Seeking to explore how to work with and for an ecosystem by transforming organic waste into living urban sculptures, Adriana Tamargo and Guillermo Escribano (META-Colectivo) offered introductory workshops on working with biomaterials and modular manufacturing. Throughout their residency at Centro Huarte, they proposed different dates in which we learnt to transform coffee grounds collected in local coffee shops into a biodegradable material so as to build a collaborative sculpture. This sculpture was later placed in a green space in Huarte where it continues to transform (with) the surrounding environment until it disappears.