Out of SPACE | Episode 8: Community

03.11.2021, SPACE, London

Speaker(s): Serena Korda and Emma Cousin with Cathy Lomax

Year: 2021

Duration: 1:08:01

community • artist collectives • artist-led initiatives • artist-initiated activities • emma cousin

In this episode of Out of SPACE’s Care series we are going to be looking at ‘Community’ – that is, the support networks and groups of artists that come together in both formal and informal ways, as well as the idea of working with communities of people in a wider sense.

It’s notable that this year’s Turner Prize shortlist is made up entirely of artist collectives. Tate Britain Director and chair of the Turner Prize jury, Alex Farquharson, said, “After a year of lockdowns when very few artists have been able to exhibit publicly, the jury has selected five outstanding collectives whose work has not only continued through the pandemic but become even more relevant as a result.”

To talk about collectives, communities, artist-led and artist-initiated activities, and consider how being in an artist-gang can be empowering, we welcome two artists Serena Korda and Emma Cousin.

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