Out of SPACE | Episode 7: Presentation

20.10.2021, SPACE, London

Speaker(s): Tobi Alexandra Falade and Ceri Hand with Cathy Lomax

Year: 2021

Duration: 47:56

presentation • studio visits • networking

In this episode of Out of SPACE’s Care series we are going to be looking closely at the way that artists not only present their work and frame their practice, but also present themselves. By framing I don’t literally mean the frame you put your painting, drawing, print or photograph in (although this is obviously important) but more about how you talk about and present your work to collectors, art professionals, the general public and other artists. Amongst other things we will be looking at studio visits, networking and presenting your practice online.

To discuss their presentation both physical and online, and to give advice on studio visits, we welcome artist and SPACE associate Tobi Alexandra Falade and curator, mentor and coach for creatives Ceri Hand.

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