Out of SPACE | Episode 5: Carefree

20.09.2021, SPACE, London

Author(s): SPACE

Speaker(s): Cathy Lomax, Erin Lawlor and Jennifer Campbell

Year: 2021

Duration: 51:03

In this episode of Out of SPACE’s Care series we look at the creative process, considering if making good art means taking less care – that is thinking less, relying on instinct and letting things just happen.

Jean Dubuffet described art brut (or outsider art, as it has come to be known) as “those works created from solitude and from pure and authentic creative impulses – where the worries of competition, acclaim and social promotion do not interfere – are, because of these very facts, more precious than the productions of professionals.”

To discuss creativity and art making we have two artists who both work with paint in very different ways, Jennifer Campbell and Erin Lawlor.

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