Out of SPACE | Episode 4: Looking after the art

01.09.2021, SPACE, London

Speaker(s): Cathy Lomax, Mimei Thompson and Daniel Smernicki

Year: 2021

Duration: 59:24

conservation • art conservation • art preservation

This episode of Out of SPACE’s Care series asks what happens to an artwork after it has been made – from a practical point of view.

Artists are often so focussed on producing art that everything else is put to one side. Other episodes of this podcast look at promoting art but this looks at what happens to an artwork after it leaves the studio. It’s an area that’s rarely talked about and it’s hard to find good practical advice out there on the subject. Generally there is an element of trial and error, or learning after terrible mistakes have already been made.

In the series’ fourth episode, Cathy is in conversation with artist Mimei Thompson and consultant registrar Daniel Smernicki. Together they take a deep dive into how we should care for our artworks, and what happens after they leave the studio.

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